Moisturizes, smooths, revitalizes and balances the hair and scalp. Restores damaged hair shaft and closes the cuticle for youthful and healthier hair.

With AlgaNord 5™ complex

The lasting, weightless moisturizer SEABOOST CONDITIONER combines AlgaNord 5™ bio-technology complex with deep hydrating reconstructive ingredients, Biotin, and protective vitamin B complex to balance the hair and reinforce the inner strength of each strand. This extra-rich conditioner tames and softens even the coarsest locks with a unique blend of algae extracts. Replenishes moisture, energizes, and balances the hair while promoting scalp circulation. Instantly restores damaged hair so it appears more youthful, smooth, frizz-free and healthy after every wash.


Use: comb, leave in for at least 3 minutes, rinse.

Sulfates and Parabens free. Alcohol free.


100 mL, 250 mL, 1000 mL

Hair type

Dry & damaged


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Seaboost Conditioner

With AlgaNord 5™ complex

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